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Managing Security Incidents: Incident Workflows for Security Teams

Download our incident workflow template for corporate security teams to manage security incidents and effectively respond to threats.

September 23, 2019

We’ve found that there isn’t a one size fits all model for creating workflows that effectively respond to every security incident. Even within an organization, not every incident will be able to go through the same process.

Incident Workflow e-book and template for security teams

Based on what we’ve learned by working with hundreds of security leaders, we’ve developed an incident workflow template for corporate security teams. This a great framework to get you started thinking about the various stages that could be involved in a single incident.

Download this resource to uncover:

  • Best practices on how to keep incident submission simple to ensure adoption across the organization.
  • Important factors to consider for the portal and triage step of incident submission.
  • How to include notification and task assignment to your incident workflow
  • A sample list of key metrics used by industry-leading security professionals
  • Plus! Get a free printable incident workflow template that you can use with your team.

Do you just want the free printable template without the full guide? Click here.