Navigating Uncertainty: Harnessing Risk Intelligence for Strategic Success

Learn how Risk Intelligence plays a key role in creating value for your company

August 1, 2023


In partnership with Boris Agranovich, Founder of Global Risk Community, tune in with Ryan Napoleone, Director of Product — Governance, Risk, and Compliance at Resolver, and learn how to use risk intelligence for strategic success to serve as a compass for leaders. Gain insights that enable leaders to steer their organizations through uncertain times and capitalize on emerging possibilities.

Watching the video will provide you with answers to the following questions:

  1. How can Risk Intelligence drive strategy formulation and decision-making at the organizational level?
  2. What is the concept of risk intelligence, and how is it significant in creating value for organizations?
  3. What are the key differences between Risk Management and Risk Intelligence?
  4. In the context of Risk Intelligence, how can organizations gain valuable insights from risk data? Are there any specific tools or techniques that can be used?
  5. What is the importance of Risk Culture in developing Risk Intelligence within an organization?…and more!

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Ryan Napoleone

Ryan Napoleone

Director, Product (Governance, Risk and Compliance) - Resolver

Boris Agranovich

Boris Agranovich

Founder - Global Risk Community