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April 29, 2021

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Resolver’s Enterprise Risk Management app offers a straightforward and effective approach to risk management so that you can focus on what matters most — reducing risk, demonstrating value and influencing organizational strategy.

Download the product sheet to learn more about what we offer with our ERM software.

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Incident Management

Drive the insight you need to be able to efficiently reduce incidents and their subsequent impacts on your organization. Easily understand what’s happening and why; identify opportunities to better protect your organization; and report incident risk, magnitude, and losses based on their estimated financial impact.

Powerful and easy-to-use incident management software to help your organization respond to, report on, investigate, and prevent incidents.

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Security Risk Management

Resolver’s Security Risk Management software connects your incident data to your risks to facilitate data-driven decisions and investments that will help you reduce overall security risk.

Benefit from a streamlined approach to security planning that can support your ESRM program and includes built-in security audit functionality for site assessments.

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Threat Assessment

Resolver’s WAVR-21 Threat Assessment app guides you through the Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk (WAVR-21) methodology to help you objectively assess the warning signs linked to workplace or campus intended violence.

Why Threat Assessment by Resolver?

  • A Structured Approach
  • Improve Team Collaboration
  • Secure Sensitive Data
  • Complete Case Documentation

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Internal Audit

There has never been a more exciting or challenging time to be an internal auditor. The business environment is increasingly fluid and complex while pressures to maintain or reduce operating budgets prevail in most industries. That is why more and more of the world’s best companies are choosing Resolver’s Internal Audit app to support their internal audit program.

Download the product sheet to learn more about what we offer with our Internal Audit software.

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SOX Compliance

Tired of running your SOX program through a litany of Excel spreadsheets, emails, shared drives, etc.? Is your current SOX application difficult to use or acting primarily as expensive file storage?

Resolver’s simple, intuitive, web-based SOX Compliance application will dramatically reduce costs by enhancing the efficiency of your SOX activities.

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Command Center

The Command Center is a central console from which the security operations team can manage and connect alarm management, dispatch, and incident reporting to streamline and reduce response times and better protect the organization’s assets and people.

The application is highly visual and plots alarms, incidents and guard locations on real-time maps. No longer do you need to radio for locations. See which personnel are available and close to alarms and incidents, so you can get them on the scene as quickly as possible.

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Regulatory Compliance Management

Create efficiency and confidence in your E-13 program by replacing your ineffective spreadsheets with Resolver’s industry-leading RCM software and content solution.

Download our product sheet to learn more about the features we offer with our Regulatory Compliance Management software.

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