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Threat Assessments 101: Understanding the Red Flags of Workplace Violence

Learn the best practices in preventing workplace violence from the psychologists behind the Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk (WAVR-21) guide.

September 27, 2017

Security, HR and threat assessment professionals are increasingly faced with threats against their employees and organization. Threats of violence can come in many different forms, from an angry post on social media, a hostile email to a colleague or even a physical altercation.

The greatest challenge is knowing which threats pose a real risk of violence, without causing fear or upset in the workplace. What are the red flags to look for? What is the best way to respond? What steps should you take to minimize violence, while also exercising due diligence?

In this webinar, we are joined by the psychologists behind the Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk (WAVR-21) guide to learn the best practices in preventing workplace violence.

Watch the recording of Threat Assessments 101 to learn more about:

  • Common challenges that threat assessment-management (TAM) teams face today and how to manage them
  • The warning signs, or “red flags” that indicate whether someone is likely to become violent at work
  • Tips and best practices for conducting objective, evidence-based violence risk assessments

The WAVR-21 guide is the first and most widely recognized, scientifically based instrument for the assessment of workplace violence risk. The WAVR-21 is now available in app form and significantly improves team collaboration and case documentation while conducting violence risk assessments.