Podcast: Building an Effective Threat Management Program

Learn how to build an effective threat management program to mitigate virtual & physical security risks, through comprehensive risk assessment.

February 16, 2023

How do you effectively solve for threat protection and mitigation in a world of increasingly noisy signals? Artem Sherman of Resolver’s Corporate Security product team recently joined Matthew Dumpert of Kroll’s Security Risk Management (SRM) team to chat with Kroll’s Associate Managing Director of SRM, Jeff Kernohan on Kroll’s Security Concepts Podcast.

Listen as these leaders in security risk solutions discuss the increasing need for a cohesive and comprehensive risk assessment solution at a time when organizations face a variety of virtual and physical security risks. Don’t miss this engaging, 20-minute podcast, where our experts review how Resolver’s cloud-based software can provide the tools needed to build an all-encompassing threat management program.

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