Governance, Risk and Compliance

Transforming Regulatory Complexity into Risk Intelligence

In this webinar we discuss how to use integrated GRC technology to turn large volumes of regulatory data into valuable Board insights to gain a competitive and strategic advantage.

Compliance Management is both complex and costly, especially in highly regulated environments like Financial Services industries. Teams are increasingly being challenged to do more with less. As regulatory requirements change more frequently, it is nearly impossible for a team of one or few to manually capture regulatory updates, identify new or changing obligations, and steward the business to minimize risk and support growth.

Compliance teams need to increase efficiency, automate manual processes, and adapt quickly to a changing landscape. Having access to automated regulatory updates and centralizing a control library and risk register are just a few ways that technology can give compliance teams the insight, bandwidth, and foresight needed to become more strategic partners of the business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to turn large volumes of regulatory data into valuable board insights
  • Discover how technology can help compliance officers thrive in smaller teams
  • Learn how to unlock a competitive and strategic advantage with the help of an Integrated GRC system, coupled with AI/ML based Regulatory Technology

Presented by:

Dominick Campagna

Dominick Campagna

Dominick is an experienced sales leader with over 10 years of combined experience in the technology, GRC, and financial services industries. He currently works as the VP of Sales at Ascent.

Pooja Azhalavan

Pooja Azhalavan

Pooja is a skilled product marketer and strategist for Resolver’s GRC solutions including Enterprise Risk, Compliance, Internal Audit and Vendor Risk.