Security is the underpinning of Trust. We have built a world-class security program and we are not afraid to share the details. A transparent program is essential to provide you comfort when you use our services. If you find a problem or have a suggestion to improve our program, please tell us. We have well-defined vulnerability reporting and incident management programs. After all, Incident Management is one our specialties!

Resolver Security Resources

System Description

We provide a formal System Description that describes our applications and control environment.

Defense in Depth

Security is more than a strong perimeter. Resolver employs a Defense in Depth approach to secure our products.

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Shared Responsibility

Security in the Cloud is a shared responsibility between you, us and our suppliers. Our Shared Responsibility Model outlines the responsibilities of each party.

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Report a Bug or Vulnerability

If you discover a problem with our products, we want to know. We always want to improve the security, reliability, and integrity of our products. Please Report an Issue.

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