Exploring Community & Innovation at IAHSS 2024

Sarah Pouramn
Solution Engineer
May 7, 2024 · READ

As a Solution Engineer on Resolver’s Corporate Security team, talking about our tool’s value and learning about our customers’ needs has become second nature to me. I chat with customers about making Resolver’s solutions work for them all day! However, tucked away in an Orlando, Florida ballroom, the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) 2024 conference introduced me to a new sense of community, learning, and career growth. It also highlighted the challenges in healthcare security we can collectively work to solve. Here’s what I took away from my IAHSS 2024 experience.

1. Building a strong healthcare community

Joining the IAHSS conference for the first time felt like entering a bustling family reunion! It was like discovering a hidden world where everyone knows everyone. Thankfully, it didn’t take me long to feel welcomed by this tight-knit security community. Everywhere I looked, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement as attendees and exhibitors shared their experiences and expertise. For me, the conference emphasized the importance of teamwork in healthcare security, where networking and sharing best practices can lead to better outcomes for patients, staff, and visitors. This community takes their work seriously!

The healthcare security community also knows how to have fun while sharing knowledge. From swapping stories to exchanging advice, the atmosphere was warm with camaraderie. I found myself in an impromptu “movies from the past year” conversation — because who doesn’t love a good film chat, right? The connections created at IAHSS 2024 extended far beyond the conference doors. I’m eagerly counting down the days until the next gathering. Can’t wait for more laughter, learning, and movie marathons next year!

Two people, a woman and a man, are posing at a booth for resolver's healthcare security software at the iahss 2024 conference. The backdrop highlights the software's key features, and the display includes a section labeled "common challenges faced in hospitals," focusing on issues like vulnerable patients, security regulations, and workplace violence.

Sarah Pouramn & Henry Yueh representing Resolver’s healthcare security solutions at IAHSS 2024

2. Women in security

Speaking of community, diversity played a big role at IAHSS 2024. In an industry where gender diversity is still developing, we formed a “Women in Security” group to amplify female voices. At Resolver, diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our culture, and it was inspiring to see this spirit at the conference. Our group focused on creating a supportive network and discussing ways to lift marginalized professionals in safety and security. 

Group photo of resolver attendees smiling at the iahss 2024 conference in front of a promotional banner.

Resolver’s Sarah Pouramn and Heather MacDonald at the first “Women in Security” gathering at the IAHSS 2024 conference

3. Lasting memories from IAHSS 2024

In the land of Universal Studios, the memories are also universal! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.) Each day at IAHSS 2024 ended with fun evening events, giving us a chance to relax and build relationships in a fun setting. From sipping Blue Moon Margaritas at Margaritaville to teeing off at Top Golf — where I may have mistakenly referred to a golf club as a “bat” (hey, I can’t be a product expert for everything!). Whether we were cruising in water taxis, finding solace with therapy puppies in the conference hall, or indulging in butter beers, the IAHSS 2024 conference provided not only professional development but also memorable experiences. 

A close-up shot of a supporting sponsor table reserved for resolver at the iahss 2024 conference in orlando, florida. The table includes a colorful sign with the iahss logo and a blue drink with a universal studios orlando logo on the cup, creating a fun and branded atmosphere.

4. Resolver’s brand presence at IAHSS 2024

One of the most rewarding aspects from the IAHSS 2024 conference was Resolver’s widespread brand recognition among attendees. Working remotely can sometimes obscure a company’s true impact, so it was incredibly gratifying for me to see so many familiar faces stopping by our booth to chat and ask questions. There’s a special kind of excitement that comes from meeting individuals face-to-face who share your enthusiasm for system enhancements — whether they just wanted to say hello or dive into discussions about Resolver’s latest functionality updates and upcoming additions to the product roadmap! With AI advancements on the horizon, we’re gearing up to deliver even more intelligent solutions to meet your needs.

A resolver representative stands next to a booth at the iahss 2024 conference. Behind them is a display featuring a colorful wheel labeled "risk intelligence," highlighting various aspects of comprehensive security software for healthcare, including incident management, security risk management, and more.

Talk all things comprehensive security software for healthcare organizations with Henry Yueh anytime!

5. Addressing workplace violence in healthcare

Resolvers corporate security software dashboard

With a rise in incidents and increased need for preventive measures, there’s a heightened urgency surrounding healthcare industry workplace violence.  The conference gave me and my team the chance to discuss how our solutions address this issue, such as how threat assessment frameworks like Rage-V are seamlessly integrated using our tool. Resolver’s software, designed to meet strict healthcare regulations and standards, helps leading healthcare organizations proactively address risks.  Our solution also provides insights into your organization’s risks and vulnerabilities through security site assessments and targeted threat protection initiatives. Our advanced data capture and analytics capabilities empower teams to identify vulnerabilities and implement preventive measures, enhancing patient care and safety. What’s not to love?

6. Feedback and support

I was truly impressed by the high level of engagement demonstrated by the IAHSS 2024 board members. Throughout the conference, they regularly visited our Resolver booth to introduce themselves, ensure our needs were met, and ask for feedback for future events. This level of proactive support fostered open lines of communication, making us feel exceptionally well-supported. The attention to detail at the conference was truly remarkable! When a board member noticed a minor lag on my computer, they quickly dispatched someone to personally assess and optimize our booth’s internet connection.

These conferences are so much more than shop-talk and it was tough to leave IAHSS 2024. I was introduced to so many new faces, new ideas, and new products that I’ll miss chatting about at Booth 304! Until next year — Phoenix, Arizona, here we come!

If you want to learn more about how Resolver can support your Corporate Security and Workplace Violence prevention programs, let’s talk! We’re always open to having conversations and learning from each other, both in and out of a conference environment. Book a meeting today!

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