Pharma social compliance rescues digital marketing campaign


Online advertising for pharma brands comes with an obligation to ensure that social media activities follow FDA and EMA guidelines for reporting adverse events.

A global agency behind digitally-led marketing campaigns for a large roster of pharma brands found itself in hot water after a sudden surge in social media engagement overwhelmed the agency’s capabilities, leading to a major compliance risk for one brand.

Without pharma social media compliance as a core competency, adverse events went unreported to the client’s pharmacovigilance team.


Resolver jumped in as a supporting partner to create a Pharma Compliance program that could quickly and safely reactivate the digital marketing program.

A team of 20 experienced pharma analysts implemented rigorous triple checks of all content and reports via a centralized tracker within 12 hours. Proprietary technology for timely reconciliation and 24/7 coverage detected 100% of potential AEs with zero misses. Potentially harmful content and potential adverse events were escalated to the agency and client within 15 minutes.

The agency retained the client’s business and migrated all responsibility for AE detection and escalation of harmful content to Resolver.

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