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How Hotlines Can Increase Incident Visibility & Limit Your Future Risk

October 20, 2021

Making reporting channels easy to use and accessible to employees is essential for ensuring that incidents get reported and that risks don’t go unchecked. Hotlines are particularly effective because they allow companies to mobilize resources and enact important operational changes. Organizations that have incident reporting hotlines surface problems quickly so that they don’t have the chance to fester and turn into significant longer-term issues. Hotlines also help create a culture of transparency and trust while delivering immediate business benefits, such as a 50% reduction in financial losses to fraud.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to integrate hotline reporting into your existing incident management application so that all of your employees can be confident reporting incidents when they happen. You’ll also discover how Resolver’s AI engine automatically tags submitted reports to enable easy trend analysis, impact reporting, and senior management or compliance team reviews.  

This session is best for:

  • Chief Security Officers, Directors of Security, and other security professionals looking for a simple way to ensure that all incidents across the organization (including anonymous ones) are collected in one place and dealt with securely


Ryan Thiessen
Ryan Thiessen
Director of Product, Corporate Security, Resolver Inc
Kenny St-Hilaire
Kenny St-Hilaire
Vice President, Operations, Whistleblower Security