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Mastering Executive Threat Protection: Expert Strategies for Corporate Security Excellence

November 8, 2023

When it comes to executive threat protection and your corporate security team’s holistic threat management strategy, executive protection is often overlooked or seen as the stuff of movies. (Think Denzel Washington in Man on Fire but with CEOs.) However, the need for executive threat protection has advanced as global businesses address an increasingly complex threat landscape with bad actors using more sophisticated tools.

Like executive protection, your threat management strategy requires a multifaceted approach that blends traditional security practices with modern threat intelligence insights as part of your overall workplace safety planning and strategy. Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Steve Powers, a managing director in Kroll’s Security Risk Management practice and an executive protection and threat management expert.

In this video, Powers shares his experiences in the fields of executive protection and corporate security. Discover real-world examples that underscore the importance of detecting, assessing, and defending against diverse threats in today’s intricate business landscape.

5 key takeaways from Steve Powers’ presentation “The Intersection of Threat Intelligence, Case Management and Executive Threat Protection”:

Evolving threats require adaptability: Threats are like moving targets, and being prepared means staying flexible. Powers emphasizes that threats can change unexpectedly, and technology — such as threat intelligence tools, feeds, and threat protection software — should be a key ally in detecting and addressing vulnerabilities.

Recognize patterns for prevention: Observing patterns over time is crucial. Powers highlights the significance of situational awareness in both physical and digital realms. His real-life examples from the field underscore the value of noticing anomalies early for proactively making threat-informed decisions.

Integrated threat protection is vital: The digital world is tied to the physical. Powers shows that holistic safety considers both digital and real-world risks. Integrating threat intelligence offers comprehensive protection strategies.

Humans and threat protection software — a dynamic duo: While threat protection software is essential, people are equally vital. Powers champions a team approach where security experts collaborate with technology. This human touch ensures that security and threat data are seen in the right context for smarter and more proactive corporate security decisions.

Safety is everyone’s business: Powers emphasizes that physical security is a shared responsibility. He encourages fostering a culture of watchfulness where everyone contributes to safeguarding the organization.

Powers brings together his insights and real-world anecdotes through the lens of his work in executive threat protection to give you a well-rounded understanding of how to manage threats and keep your organization secure. Watch now to see how combining human expertise with technology can shape a more resilient security strategy.