Podcast: The Rise of Risk Intelligence

Listen as Resolver's Amanda Cohen discusses the innovation of compliance, risk intelligence, & Regtech on the Financial Experience Podcast.

July 5, 2022

While many have viewed compliance as a tiresome and tedious aspect of projects, our Director of GRC Products, Amanda Cohen, knows it doesn’t have to be this way. A champion of including compliance teams on projects from kick-off through to execution and beyond, Amanda chats with Hunter Young of the Financial Experience Podcast on all things GRC-first and risk intelligence.

Listen as Amanda emphasizes the importance of sharing data consistently throughout the company, reducing how much information needs repeating and allowing for real-time assessment of risks as your project develops. She also covers all things Regtech, an innovative technology that assesses and manages regulatory procedures, taking care of the tedious aspects of regulatory compliance so that your business can focus on broader goals and other project objectives.

Don’t miss:

[4:53-6:10] How to change your approach to compliance for the better

[9:00-11:18] What risk intelligence really means

[16:16-18:25] What the next stage of innovation in the GRC space looks like

Listen to the full episode: