Total Economic Impact ™ Study: See How Resolver Delivers 327% ROI

September 14, 2023

Resolver commissioned Forrester Consulting to estimate the potential impact of our integrated GRC software on existing and future customers using its Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) methodology. If you’re building the case for integrated risk management software, the Forrester Total Economic Impact study offers valuable metrics on how Resolver’s solution revolutionizes GRC functions and can integrate risk management processes for increased efficiency and financial benefit. Download the infographic now!

An infographic of the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study of Resolver showing a financial benefit of 327$ ROI to customers implementing Resolver's integrated GRC solutions

The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study delves into the compelling statistics and real-life success stories that showcase how Resolver’s integrated GRC software solution can meaningfully change the day-to-day operations of your Risk Management, Compliance, Internal Controls, and Internal Audit teams (and more!), bringing them together for greater insights and better organizational outcomes.

Gain access to insights that highlight the impressive 327% ROI achieved over three years, along with efficiency improvements in compliance testing and executive reporting. Download the comprehensive TEI study to understand how organizations across diverse industries have unlocked substantial value with Resolver’s technology so you can make an informed decision when comparing enterprise risk management software solutions.

Download the Forrester TEI study to uncover how Resolver delivers 327% ROI & more! Read the TEI study now!