Key Insights from Resolver's GRC Day 2024

April 19, 2024 · READ

As Resolver’s Customer Marketing Manager, I was thrilled to launch Resolver’s very first GRC Day: A full day dedicated to gathering our Governance, Risk, and Compliance customers to share thought leadership, industry trends, peer learning and networking, and deepen their understanding of how they can improve their day-to-day tasks with our Risk Intelligence Platform. GRC Day 2024 brought our theme, “Unlocking the Future of GRC,” to life in downtown Toronto at the new Sutton Place Hotel. It was great to see so many members of the GRC community, both old friends and new faces. Our event confirmed a long-held belief: in governance, risk, and compliance, the strength of community is key.

Sharing GRC trends and insights

Keynote speaker engaging with raised hands from attendees at a grc day 2024 session, with a resolver banner in the background.

The day began with a deep dive into the latest trends in GRC from our keynote speakers. They shared significant insights on how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming risk management by automating complex assessments and providing more accurate predictions. The rise of regulatory technology (RegTech) was another hot topic, showcasing tools that help businesses keep up with compliance requirements efficiently and effectively. Our keynote also touched on the critical evolution of digital ethics, stressing the need for companies to maintain transparency and integrity in their digital operations.

The keynote also highlighted the integration of GRC platforms that streamline risk management across various frameworks, facilitating a unified approach that enhances visibility and control. They introduced smart tools like AI-driven horizon scanning for regulatory changes, which allows companies to anticipate and prepare for legal shifts before they happen. For me, it highlighted that at Resolver, we’re not just keeping up — we’re leading the way by using advanced AI to improve our risk assessments and adopting the latest RegTech solutions to make compliance easier for our customers.

GRC innovations from Resolver’s product team

Resolver's director of grc products, ryan napoleone, stands by the podium with a "grc roadmap 2024" slide on the screen behind him at the resolver grc day 2024 event.

Next, our product team, lead by Director of GRC Products Ryan Napoleone, presented our product roadmap for a unified GRC future at Resolver. This team is deeply focused on innovation and making sure our GRC software and application developments are driven by customer needs. The sneak peek of what we’re building was a real treat for our customers.

Grc product manager erin peck presenting 'how do dashboards fit into your flow? ' at resolver's grc day 2024.

Then, Product Manager Erin Peck gave a fantastic presentation on Resolver’s Dashboards, showing how these tools help users by transforming raw data into actionable insights — crucial for strategic decision-making. Erin demonstrated how these tools provide a comprehensive overview to build risk intelligence, allowing users to prioritize risks, identify patterns, and minimize potential issues through a user-friendly interface and centralized data.

Insider Collab session

Ux research lead, sydney lamorea, at a podium for resolver's grc day, speaking to a crowd with a banner behind her reading "unlock the future of grc. "

One of the most engaging parts of the day was the Insider Collab session, where attendees used virtual “GRC bucks” to vote on enhancements they believe should be prioritized in our platform’s development. This interactive session, led by UX Research Lead Sydney Lamorea, showcased the deep expertise and customer-centric approach embedded within Resolver. Each presentation and session throughout the day demonstrated our Resolver team’s commitment to exceptional customer experiences. Our product and services team members and customer success managers provided insights and support, ensuring that everyone gained valuable insights and felt a stronger connection to Resolver’s growing GRC community.

Participants at resolver's grc day 2024 engaging in a group discussion on prioritizing grc software enhancements with photo focus on a hand holding a ux assignment paper.

Resolver’s GRC Day 2024 and community

Throughout the event, it was clear that Resolver’s integration of cutting-edge technology with user-centric designs sets us apart in the market. Our solutions address today’s GRC challenges and tomorrow’s possibilities, keeping our clients one step ahead in their efforts to deliver first-class Governance, Risk, and Compliance programs. GRC Day 2024 reinforced our belief in the power of community. As we keep building a community where GRC professionals can connect, learn, and grow, we are reminded that our customers are at the heart of everything we do. For those who joined us and those who have yet to experience the Resolver community, we look forward to continuing this journey with you, driving the future of governance, risk, and compliance. 

Attendees actively listening at a grc day 2024 conference session, with a focus on a male participant in the foreground.

We are already looking forward to more updates and collaborative opportunities. If you missed GRC Day 2024 or have any questions about evolving trends in GRC, please reach out. We are eager to keep the conversation going and ensure that our community remains at the forefront of GRC innovation.

Until next time,

Allan Yue
Customer Marketing Manager

A smiling woman waving in greeting, surrounded by applauding colleagues at a networking event during grc day 2024

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