Insights from ISC West 2024: AI Everywhere!

Heather MacDonald
Manager, Corporate Security Sales Development
April 24, 2024 · READ

As the manager of our Corporate Security SDR team, representing Resolver at ISC West 2024 was a brand-new experience for me. I’ve been in the Corporate Security sales world for six years at Resolver, but I’d never hit up this big Vegas event before. Vegas is famous for its bright lights, sure, but the real shine comes from the crowd of smart folks and cool ideas buzzing around ISC West.

Back home in Canada, I’m already missing the action. But I can’t wait to dive into what I discovered. Here’s a peek at the trends, innovations, and insights I brought home from ISC West 2024.

An exterior photo of a las vegas building courtyard at isc west 2024 against a beautiful sunset in the background

1. Customer connections

One of the best parts of ISC West is the chance to talk with people face-to-face. It’s in these conversations that we build stronger relationships with our long-time customers and spark new ones that could take us to the next level. Each handshake, each exchange of business cards, is a potential new path for Resolver to explore.

After a long travel day and early meetings, I made my way for a quick round of networking at the SIA Market Leaders Reception. This event reminded me that we’re part of a larger community, all geared toward advancing security. It was great to see many familiar faces who also helped make new connections! Starting a conference off with a networking event is a great way to start the week off right. And our own Resolver-hosted event at the Flight Club, a total hit — we had more fun than we imagined!

2. The power of diversity and innovation

There’s real magic when different minds and perspectives come together. At ISC West. 2024, our diverse team was in full force, mixing it up and inspiring everyone we met. That’s the Resolver way — we bring all kinds of voices to the table because that’s where the best ideas come from. And boy, did it make a difference out there! I believe our efforts to build a more inclusive workplace were reflected in the Resolverites at the event. As a member of Resolver’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce, this was so great to see — shout out to the Talent Team!

3. Our standout features: Dashboards and storytelling

Ever try to make sense of a flood of data with no idea where to start? We’ve all been there. In the last year we’ve introduced our impressive Dashboards feature, which has been a game-changer with its innovative design and easy-to-use features.

We understand the struggle of security teams trying to make sense of the information at their fingertips. Information that your organization is already collecting that you can’t effectively leverage. Turning that information into intelligence to inform risk within the organization is our strength. With the ability to tell a story, security and risk teams can communicate their value more effectively, positively impacting the business.

Incident management dashboard

4. AI: The talk of the town

AI is everywhere! After many conversations and intent stares at various booths on the show floor, I’m not sure I have a better sense of how folks are leveraging the concept. Is it the buzz word of the day? Yes. Are there other companies taking advantage? Also, yes. What I’m confident of is that we at Resolver are not just riding the AI wave — we’re surfing it. We’ve got some cool AI-enhancements up our sleeve that we can’t wait to share with the world.

Walking the vendor floor, it’s clear that AI isn’t just the latest buzzword or trick to surprise and delight. Saving time, improving response speed and accuracy through AI innovation in Resolver’s Corporate Security Software will allow teams to focus on what matters most, keeping their people, places, and assets safer.

5. When technology and expertise meet

One of the standout moments at ISC West 2024 was seeing the impact of our parent company Kroll’s strong market presence in conjunction with our own. Since the news broke about Kroll acquiring Resolver in 2022, the buzz hasn’t stopped. Having our names side by side at ISC West definitely turned heads and sparked curiosity. This partnership amplifies our reach and underscores our commitment to being at the forefront of security and risk management solutions. It’s clear we’re stronger together, and the industry has taken note. (Check out our combined Threat Protection services + software offerings to get a sense of how we’ll help the industry together.)

6. Lasting memories from ISC West 2024

You can’t do it all, right? We spent so much time on the show floor that we missed out on some of the sessions. Mental note for next year: Schedule the must-attends ahead of time and make it happen! Being able to speak the language of the business is key to meaningful conversations.

Away from the office, our Resolver team had the chance to bond in ways we usually can’t, as we’re spread out across geographies. During ISC West 2024, the team capped off the week with a dinner followed by a visit to the Piano Bar. It turned into a night of side-splitting laughter and surprise performances. Oh, and who can forget the “closet tacos” that had everyone talking? It’s little experiences like these that build our team spirit and create lasting memories. Sharing laughs, trading stories, and celebrating wins together, helps us forge a stronger team (as evidenced by our recent Best Workplaces in Canada win). 

A group of resolver team members at a dinner, smiling and enjoying themselves. One team member holds a dish, indicating a moment of celebration or fun during a team bonding event at isc west 2024.

A conference is more than handing out brochures on a show floor. For me, our attendance at events is also about the laughter and the stories shared over a round of drinks or a surprise snack, whether with a teammate, a customer, or someone you’ve just met.

If you’re curious about how AI might benefit your security operations, let’s talk about how Resolver can help you secure your future. Your next security solution might just be a conversation away. Book a meeting to learn more!


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