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Brochure: Resolver’s Advanced Corporate Security Management Solutions

Transform your security strategy with Resolver's comprehensive corporate security management solutions

December 4, 2023

For anyone working in physical security and tasked with keeping people, places, and assets safe, shifting from reactive tactics to proactive, strategic risk management can be the difference between mopping up a mess and getting ahead before it creates harm. The scope of threats facing organizations now extends beyond the physical, highlighting the importance of a robust corporate security strategy. As stewards of both digital and physical domains, security leaders must master various disciplines.

Resolver’s suite of corporate security management solutions meets these diverse challenges, offering cutting-edge tools designed for corporate security professionals who prioritize business value, operational efficiency, and proactively reducing the impact of incidents. Download our brochure now to explore our Corporate Security Management Solutions.

Why investing in holistic corporate security management is business critical

Today’s corporate security teams must navigate complex threats that can compromise tangible and intangible company assets. From protecting brand reputation to mitigating financial losses, the need for a strategic, risk-aware approach has never been greater. Resolver’s software equips security professionals with the ability to manage incidents, conduct thorough investigations, and assess risks with precision—turning security management into a cornerstone of business resilience and value creation.

Key features of top-tier security management solutions

At the heart of Resolver’s corporate security software suite are features that redefine incident, case and investigations, security operations, threat, and security risk management:

  • Comprehensive incident lifecycle management, from intake to reporting to resolution.
  • Detailed data analytics for identifying trends and patterns in security incidents.
  • Advanced security risk assessment tools to proactively identify and mitigate potential threats and incidents.
  • Integration with existing security infrastructure, ensuring a seamless security management experience.

Our software’s versatility suits a broad range of use cases, including brand protection, loss prevention, physical security operations, and violence threat assessment.

Discover Resolver’s suite of security management solutions

Resolver’s software suite is designed for the modern security leader who seeks a harmonious integration of robust data analytics, incident management, and proactive risk assessment. Here are the cornerstone features that define our leading-edge approach:

Incident Management

Navigate through incident complexities easily, leveraging our end-to-end incident management solution designed for swift, decisive action. Resolver’s incident management software (previously Perspective by PPM 2000) offers an invaluable knowledge base that will help you understand what’s happening and why so you can manage resources, minimize impact, and prevent incidents.

Investigations & Case Management

Discover insights in complex cases to reduce losses, prevent future incidents, and protect your employees with our best-in-class Investigations and Case management software.

Security Risk Management

With Resolver’s ESRM software, conducting comprehensive enterprise-wide security risk assessments and site audits becomes a streamlined process, enabling data-driven decision-making and prioritization of countermeasures.

Security Operations Management

Our Command Center solution provides an unparalleled overview of your security operations, enhancing situational awareness and facilitating rapid response coordination through our Dispatch tool.

Advanced Threat Protection for Proactive Security

Resolver’s threat protection solution is your frontline defense against emerging threats. By combining our award-winning software with the expertise of our threat management team, we empower security teams to detect, investigate, assess, and neutralize threats before they escalate.

Threat Management Dashboard

Threat Management Dashboard

These innovative features are not merely tools but catalysts for transformation, driving efficiency and resilience within the security framework of your organization.

Building organizational resilience with proactive security measures

Embracing Resolver’s physical security software solutions means more than just adopting technology; it’s about investing in a secure and resilient future and your ability to be seen as a strategic partner in your business. With security threats evolving at an unprecedented pace, the ability to anticipate and mitigate risks proactively changes the game. Resolver’s predictive analytics and threat intelligence capabilities ensure that your security posture goes from reactive to prepared and preventive.

Why Resolver’s security solutions are the choice for industry leaders

Resolver’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our robust, user-friendly, scalable solutions that serve industry-leading global brands. We understand that finding the right solution is built on trust, consistent delivery of value, and an unwavering commitment to customer experience and success. Our customers choose Resolver because they know that with us, they gain more than a service provider — they gain a partner dedicated to their security and operational excellence.

A quote from a case study on Resolver's Corporate Security Software's impact on a supply chain operations company's incident management processes, resulting in a 783% increase in incidents reported for better visibility and security action plans

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Advance your security strategy with Resolver’s security management solutions

Download our comprehensive brochure now and delve deeper into our Corporate Security Management Solutions, or schedule a custom demo and witness how our solutions can empower your organization to manage risks and build a resilient security posture proactively. Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust Resolver — let’s create a secure future together.