Corporate Security

Incident Register Template: The Most Common Incidents Tracked by Leading Security Teams

Your security team has decided which type of incidents that you should be capturing, and you’ve identified the method in which you’re going to record them. Now, you have an ever-growing list of incidents that might appear to be unique, but in reality, they probably are not.

We recommend creating categories based on the most frequent incidents that occur in your organization, and most importantly starting at the end:

  • What reports do you need to create and what are you looking to understand or showcase?
  • What do stakeholders expect to be able to determine after reviewing an incident or report?
  • What types of decisions will they make based on the information provided?

To help you get started, we created the Resolver Incident Register. This Incident Register highlights some of the top incident types that the world’s leading security teams are currently monitoring in their organizations.

Download this template to:

  • Get instant access to a robust list of incidents currently being tracked by some of the world’s leading security teams
  • Leverage an easy to use and implement incident categorization template
  • Create a referenceable and scalable categorization process

Interested in learning more about incident categorization? Download the full guide here.