Corporate Security

How to Increase Visibility into Security Incidents and Drive Efficiency for Your Team

Without a clear definition of what constitutes an incident, the security program is bound to fail.

Security teams typically believe that they have hundreds if not, thousands of incident types, when in reality they probably have less than 50. The careful identification of incident types is critical to strategic security teams.

In order to make impactful and strategic decisions, the security team should have visibility into the different incident types and their subsequent groupings. This will help them to ensure that the correct workflow is triggered, and that reporting is as accurate as possible.

Download this resource to uncover:

  • Industry-leading best practices for incident categorization
  • An incident report form for accurately capturing incidents
  • A step-by-step process of how to analyze and categorize your incidents by type to create meaningful reports with actionable data
  • Actionable tactics to capturing use your data to make more strategic decisions that impact the overall business.
  • The top 14 incident types that security teams are tracking
  • Plus! Get a free copy of the Resolver Incident Register in an easy to use Excel format to instantly use with your team.

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