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Top 10 Security Reports Every Leader Needs: Measure What Matters

Security often lags behind other business functions in data collection and usage, not to mention impactful security reports - let's change that!

June 9, 2023 · DURATION: 49 MIN

Measure What Matters: Leveraging Data Visualization and Reporting for Meaningful Security Insights

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll help empower security leaders by uncovering the essential elements of “The Top 10 Security Reports Every Leader Needs.” Resolver’s experts, LeeAnn Kincal and Ryan Thiessen, shed light on how effective data collection, visualization, and reporting can pave the way for meaningful security insights.

Learn the essential practices and data enhancements security teams need to bridge the gap. You’ll learn to ensure you can benefit from the same data-driven advantages as other business functions, including how powerful reporting can unlock funding for security initiatives. Watch by clicking on the video play button above.

Key learnings: The power of visualizations and security reports in generating meaningful insights

Data’s crucial role in security strategy: Reliable data sources serve as the foundation for successful data visualization and reporting, allowing organizations to gain valuable insights.

Enhance incident reporting for improved security data: Organizations can enhance data quality by streamlining the incident reporting process through features like hotlines and anonymous portal submissions.

The value of centralizing and structuring data: Efficient data warehousing solutions and centralized data collection enable organizations to overcome the challenges of collecting and structuring data for visualization and analysis.

Deriving insights for proactive security through dashboards and security reports: Interactive visualization tools and customizable dashboards simplify the analysis of large datasets, enabling security teams to draw meaningful insights and understand the risk landscape for proactive incident prevention.

Centralized platforms offered by corporate security software solutions integrate incident reporting, data warehousing, and intuitive dashboards, providing a seamless experience for accessing information and supporting enhanced security strategies. Plus, see the 10 reports you need to have at your fingertips as a security leader.

Ryan Thiessen

Ryan Thiessen

VP of Corporate Security Products, Resolver

LeeAnn Kincal

LeeAnn Kincal

Product Marketing Manager, Resolver