Resolver Inc. Travel Policy

Version: 1.0
Last updated: December 13, 2016


  • Pre-boarding: before you book travel, please ensure the cost-centre owner and/or your direct manager has given you the green-light.
  • Airfare & accommodations: Book through our dedicated travel advisor who aims to get the best value for money. If it makes more sense to book on your own, please keep in mind that the goal is to the lowest logical airfare and the best rate for accommodation based on single occupancy. Hang on to those receipts and we’ll reimburse you as per our Expense Report Schedule. Save us the last minute charges and try to book more than 7 days out.

Per Diems

  • Per diem for meals: If you’re away for longer than a day, meals are on us. For our per diem, you don’t need to keep the receipts. See the Travel Meal Allowances Chart below.

    • Per diem for meals is relative to your travel schedule: for example if your flight is at 6PM, dinner is on us, not the whole day.
    • If someone else (client, Resolverite) takes you out for a meal, please don’t double-dip.

Travel Meal Allowance Chart — Per Diem

Country being travelled toPer diemCurrency
Asia & other: China and other regions not specified50USD
Brazil/South America90BRL
European countries including: Belgium, Germany (Munich = 75 EUR), France (Paris = 75 EUR), Netherlands50EUR
Japan (Tokyo = 75 USD)6,000JPY
United Kingdom (London = 75 GBP)40GBP
United States50USD
Premium cities* (for example): Toronto, ON; Montreal, QC; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL; Los Angeles, CA75Local
Super premium cities (for example): Vancouver, BC; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA80Local

*Premium Cities: for a full list, please connect with the Finance Team.

When claiming a per diem, if you are provided a meal during the day by Resolver or any of its employees or a customer, please subtract the following guidelines for claiming your maximum daily total. This includes when breakfast is included in your accommodation package.

  • Breakfast: 10% of daily per diem allowance
  • Lunch: 40% of daily per diem allowance
  • Dinner: 50% of daily per diem allowance

Transportation and Mileage

  • Rental cars: if it is more economical and convenient to rent a car, please do so. Please make sure that you purchase the required insurance coverage for the entire rental agreement (your personal credit card coverage just isn’t enough). Stick with the 4-door mid-size or less. Refill the rental car before returning it and hang on to those gas receipts.
  • Your personal car: we’ll be happy to reimburse you mileage based on the Mileage Chart below when using your personal vehicle for business expenses. Our mileage coverage aims to help you with operating and ownership expenses like fuel, oil, tires, insurance, maintenance, etc.
  • Other transportation costs: Taxi/uber fares, ferries, subways, underground transportation, buses, parking and tolls are on us.
  • Personal safety: Taxis/Uber may be used in place of walking or public transport when there are safety concerns, especially when travelling at night or alone.